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Poultry Diagnostics

Diagnostic efforts in the UD Poultry Health System’s Lasher Laboratory represent the first line of defense against poultry diseases.Lasher Lab is staffed by only five full-time technicians and one veterinarian. Diagnostic virology and histopathology support is provided in Newark by faculty and staff at the C.C. Allen Lab and Worrilow Hall.

The Lasher Laboratory enhances the University of Delaware’s ability to respond quickly and efficiently to industry needs for poultry disease diagnosis and outreach activities.

Diagnostic services available at the Lasher Laboratory include poultry necropsy and clinical diagnosis, bacteriology, mycology, molecular diagnostic testing, and serology. Virology and histopathology specimens collected at the laboratory are sent to the Newark campus for evaluation.

The Lasher Laboratory conducts applied research on poultry diseases, often in collaboration with poultry industry scientists, and provides a broiler progeny challenge service for evaluating infectious bursal disease virus vaccinal immunity. As a NALHN approved laboratory, the Lasher Laboratory routinely performs surveillance for avian influenza and exotic Newcastle disease. Avian influenza surveillance programs include pre-slaughter testing of commercial broiler chickens, routine surveillance of backyard flocks, and testing of diseased flocks. NAHLN-approved tests used for avian influenza surveillance include antigen detection (real time RT-PCR and antigen capture) and antibody detection (enzyme linked immunosorbant assay and agar gel immunodiffusion) assays.